How to Heal Your Money Drama, Trauma, and Karma and Transform Your Relationship with Money for Good

by Angeli Anjali

Certified RTT hypnotherapist

In this segment on healing your money drama, trauma, and karma, you will learn:

  • What the energy of money is actually made of
  • How to find where your current money problems originated
  • How past life money trauma ends up becoming your money karma
  • More about healing scarcity-, struggle-, and lack-programming
  • and more….

Are you struggling with money?

It’s been a while since I have written on the topic of money, so this is the perfect time to look back over the past years in which I have drastically changed my money story. I went from living on welfare to six figures, traveling around the world and now living in Ibiza, Spain and the truth is that each level, has its own devil.

Every time you want to make a quantum leap in your relationship with money, you need to release an old belief around money that no longer serves you.

I am sharing with you my personal story not to brag about my success, but to show you what is possible once we tap into the quantum field of unlimited abundance. Scarcity and lack are 3D fear-based concepts, as the Universe itself is created in forever overflowing abundance. What stands in the way of us tapping into this abundance are our own subconscious fears and false beliefs around money.

Especially when we are living in lack, we think that having money solves our problems and it doesn’t because the truth is that it’s not only the poor that have money struggles. People with money, have money struggles too and sometimes it’s the exact same struggles they had when they were poor, except now it’s with larger numbers. This was certainly true for me.

I started off as a single mom on welfare, trying to find a way to be able to earn money from home so that I could be there for my children who had just lost their dad to divorce, their older brother to incarceration, and their baby sister to a rare birth defect. The last thing my kids needed was an absent mother because she was the sole breadwinner and out of the house working 40+ hours a week.

So, I created an online business and got myself and my kids off of welfare. However, it didn’t take long for me to bang up to my own money limitations which kept me unable to get past the 10K a month. If you have to share a percentage of your revenue or you need to pay for staff 10K a month is nothing and unless I was able to get 10K a month I wouldn’t be able to sustain a business. Everything was going downhill at lightning speed at that time and I was searching frantically for a way to turn things around before time ran out, which it of course never does but I was afraid back then it would.

Just, in the nick of time, just before I thought it would all come crashing down I found a past life belief (click on the link to read the story) around believing that it wasn’t safe to be rich and a little after I healed this belief with a healer, the 10K months started flowing in.

But I was still in a very toxic and abusive business relationship which created a lot of stress in my life. In 2014 after the person I worked with had pulled away my team for the umpteenth time to get me to do what he wanted, I hired one of his developers who is still with me now seven years later and I set out to find a designer. As fate had it I found more than that and ended up meeting my Twin Soul, who ran an online web design and marketing company from India.

Our business relationship was very short-lived and through a mutual friend I ended up finding a good designer, who traveled with me when I went to India when my twin and I met face to face. Personally, I am not crazy about the twin label, when I talk about this person I always just say his name. It’s only when I write about him publicly that I use this term for lack of a better way of describing who I am talking about.

That trip to India changed everything and when I came back I phased out my web design and online marketing clients and became an online healer and coach for Twin Flames (I dislike this word even more). When my twin married someone else, I literally felt my soul calling me to move to Ibiza, Spain, and went to check it out. While Spain itself is not an expensive place to live, Ibiza is much more expensive than the rest of Spain which meant that I had to triple my then revenue to be able to live here. Six months later, in a completely new market, I was back to five-figure months and had my first six-figure year shortly after.

When I got back from hosting a retreat in Ibiza I was urged by the signs and synchronicities in my life to go travel the world first. I had no savings in the bank whatsoever, but I was almost debt-free and simply took a leap of faith. Two months into our trip, I had for the first time ever in my life crossed the six-figures.

As synchronicity would have it I was on my way to Egypt when my twin told me in a dream that he was going to be a father. I reached out to congratulate him the next day and after stalling for close to one hour he confirmed that his wife was pregnant and due around the time that I was hosting my next retreat in India. Egypt turned out to be a country that I had huge karma with and that was connected to the child being born to my twin as well.

Our travels actually didn’t get cut short by the pandemic, but by my teenage son railing out of control due to a lack of structure, lack of real-life friendships, and a worsening Fortnite addiction. Traveling the world was not doing him the good I hoped it would. I got him a personal trainer, set out to find a house, and get him back in school which solved both the problem of structure and real-life friends instead of gaming friends that were as addicted as he was.

This is where the story behind this article begins because although I was making good money and was renting a house that was less than one-third of my income I started to see that my money struggles hadn’t changed that much since I had been a single mom on welfare. I was having the exact same money problems except now with a factor of 10x to 20x more money coming in. However, it continued to be the exact same pattern I was playing out, only now with higher numbers.

Money is just energy

We tend to make a big deal out of money, but the truth is that money is just energy. And it’s not just any energy, it’s the energy of love. This is why people who struggle with love, tend to also struggle with money. In other words, our love wounds are our money wounds.

Now let’s first zoom in on this idea that money is love….

Money takes care of us and provides for us. It puts a roof over our head, food on the table, it puts clothes on our bodies. It pays for our hot and cold water, our heating and air conditioning, our furniture, and transport. Money gives us everything we need and more.

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