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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I losing control during hypnosis?
It is not like the movies. You will not be at a loss of your senses & ordered to do parlour tricks against your will. You are in complete control at all times during hypnosis. Any RTT®️ session also includes a recording of your meditation. If you feel the ability to relax might be an issue, we can talk about some options prior to your session.
Why work on 1 issue at a time?
Although RTT®️ can work on multiple issues, we will dedicate each session to 1 single issue at a time for directed mental and emotional focus. Throughout the 90 minutes together, we will investigate the underlying pain point source. The RTT®️ session will also include a custom meditation recording addressing the 1 issue and new pattern for 21 days.
Why is there a 21 day commitment?
As part of your RTT®️ session, a custom 15-minute meditation recording is created to listen and process your new pattern for the following 21 days. The 21 day investment is necessary to listen and repeat your custom meditation for a new subconscious routine to root itself & blossom consciously. The more you listen, the more your mind excites itself to recognize your new strength. Although it is preferred to listen to the meditation twice a day, once before going to bed is acceptable.
What are your session rates?
Rates start at $250 for a single RTT®️ session. At this time, we are not connected to any health insurance provider. Please contact your health insurance provider to verify possible use of your HSA account for payment and/or reimbursement. There is a limited, case-by-case sliding scale available for persons in severe financial distress.
How many RTT®️ sessions will I need?
Unlike conventional talk therapy that can go for years, RTT®️ is efficient in both time and results. Some issues can be taken care of in as little as 1 RTT®️ session! However, if a severe issue has been plaguing your quality of life for a large amount of time, a 3-5 RTT®️ session package might be necessary.
I bought a package already. What do I do now?
Congratulations on your dedication to wellness! If it turns out that your main issue is resolved without using an entire package, you can use your remaining RTT®️ sessions to work on another issue. You can also gift your remaining RTT®️ sessions to a friend or family member.
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